Our hands-on approach to teaching creates students with a skillset to be successful in a salon.


We believe that the best way to have inspired and successful students is to create an environment that promotes creativity and hands-on learning. Our skilled instructors have combined 50 years of experience and are always looking for great methods to keep our students involved and in the know with the latest trends.


Our Instructors

They're always happy to answer questions and motivate you to reach those dreams. Here's a little info about them.


Rebekah Reynolds
Boss babe and owner. Probably won't make you cry. Ice cream enthusiast. Epic motivator. High expectations but also funny. Facebook video obsessed.


Trish Boswell
Snapchat queen. Has a super cool kid. Loves Oreos, coffee, and dinosaurs. (tip: bring her Oreos to make her like you more) Hair school "mom."


Jamie Holbrook
The "fun aunt." Dog mom. Knows what you're doing even if she pretends not to. Smiles a lot. Hangry when hungry.